Access Your Inner John Lennon

Everyone knows that rock-legend John Lennon’s glasses are easily one of the most popular pair of glasses in the history of the world. Pairs of Lennon’s round-framed glasses and sunglasses are even sold in auctions for thousands and thousands of dollars. Rock enthusiasts and lovers of The Beatles are more than willing to fork out hard cash to take home a pair of spectacles that symbolize an entire era of music.

It’s pretty fair to say that if you ask someone to name an iconic pair of glasses; they’ll probably mention John Lennon and his world-famous “granny” glasses. To this day, eyewear with similar round frames is still worn by hipsters and fashion icons– namely Lady Gaga, Ozzy Osbourne and Johnny Depp. It’s safe to say that this style of frame is easily one of the most popular and iconic looks in the world.

The good news? Now you can own your own pair of sunglasses that channel your inner John Lennon!


Velvet Eyewear’s ROSE sunglasses are the perfect round-framed sunglasses to help you access your inner 1960s flower-child. These slightly oversized round frames are calm, cool and collected. And they are the modern-day, feminine version of Lennon’s iconic frames.

The ROSE sunglasses come in two colors; one with a silver frame and grey-blue lenses and the other with a gold frame and brown-rose lenses. Each pair is carefully created and hand-finished in Italy

Lennon is definitely known for popularizing this iconic style of round-framed glasses. Incorporate a pair into your summer wardrobe today!

Eco-Glam: Velvet Frames are Naturally Organic!


The summer season is fast approaching and many fashionistas are in hot pursuit of finding the perfect sunglasses to match their summer wardrobe. Velvet Eyewear has a variety of frames that will satisfy any shopper’s needs. From rocker-glam to bohemian-chic, our frames can be a right fit for many different women with a range of personal styles. One thing all of our frames have in common is that they are naturally organic, meaning every single frame that we sell is made with earth-friendly, bio-plastic material. No matter which Velvet Eyewear acetate frames you choose, you’ll walk away with eco-chic frames that are made from some of the best organic materials in the world.

All of Velvet Eyewear’s acetate frames are made with Mazzucchelli acetate – a special bio-plastic made with love from Northern Italy. It is commonly known that Mazzucchelli acetate is easily the best and highest-quality acetate that is offered in the market today. For those of you who don’t know, acetate is a man-made substance; however, it comes from an organic compound known as cellulose – a major structural ingredient in plants. The substance is both renewable and biodegradable and is easily one of the most ground-breaking and innovative plastics that can be used in eyewear. And you won’t find one pair of Velvet Eyewear sunglasses or optical frames made without it!

Velvet Eyewear made the commitment long ago to make eco-conscious decisions in everything that we do. It is important to us that we sell high-quality, fashionable frames to our customers, but it is equally as important that we also manufacture frames that encourage eco-friendly habits. So whether you go for rocker-glam or bohemian-chic shades this summer; one thing is for sure, you’ll definitely be rocking a hot, eco-glam look made from the best, organic materials in the world!

Last Minute Trip to Venice

Just days before Vision Expo, Cindy traveled to Venice to meet with the factories and pick up our product samples. There was not a minute to spare…except maybe to enjoy some Italian food and wine.

Nothing Beats pizza from Italy

There is always time to explore…

The factories are fascinating. It is incredible to watch them hand solder our metal frames!

Velvet for Spring 2011

We are so proud to finally launch our website and introduce you to our vision of exceptionally cool, sexy, timeless eyewear! Our styles, shapes, and design details offer a sense of worthiness and sexuality that every woman deserves to own. Our styles are iconic and the craftsmanship is purely Italian.
We are excited to celebrate our launch at the 2011 Vision Expo East at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City. March 18-20 2011.