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We found a few reviews from Velvet customers we like to share with our readers and fans. We love what we do and so do you!

5.0 out of 5 starsBetter than any high-end sunglasses,April 26, 2012

By C. Foley 

I am a sunglasses snob and usually buy high-end because I need superior lenses for my problem/sensitive eyes. I can honestly say that these are the best frames AND lenses I’ve ever owned. These are not plastic (as many of the expensive brands are); rather, they are strong, solid acetate that don’t give way to the elements over time (ie, they don’t lose their shape or fit). Acetate means “greener” for the environment as well. I’ve done my homework; these lenses are top- notch. They fit well on my face, and I have a slightly narrow face. And yet they also fit beautifully on my friend, who has a rounder face. Since the frames are larger, they really block the light, even from the sides. Worth every penny!

5.0 out of 5 starsWonderful Glasses,June 22, 2012

By Margaret Jones (CONCORD, MA, US)

Sophisticated, finely crafted glasses. Subtle light chartreuse color. Lenses are not too dark but take away glare. Speedy service with a purple box.

5.0 out of 5 stars Yes, I would recommend this item to a friend, 2/21/12

stylechic1, So Cal Age:40-44
This review is from: Velvet Eyewear Joie Cat Eye Sunglasses

Cute!! Love these shades!! I get so many compliments when I wear them and they fit so comfortably!  This item is: cute | comfortable


Nordstrom Shoppers Love the Velvet Jami!

We just received this rave review for the Velvet Jami and had to share it! Nordstrom shoppers have really fallen in Love with Velvet Eyewear.
Shop the Velvet Jami and other styles at Nordstrom online! What pair will you be wearing this Memorial Day weekend?

Nordstrom Shoppers Say Velvet Eyewear is “The Best Ever!”

Did you know that you can get your favorite Velvet Eyewear sunglasses at Nordstrom? You can even buy our sunglasses straight from the Nordstrom website! Fabulous shoppers all over the country are raving about their recent Velvet Eyewear purchases at Nordstrom. Check out what one shopper from Florida said about her recent purchase of our Janis sunglasses in grey crystal.
We love to get feedback from our customers and to see them happy about their Velvet Eyewear purchase. And it is true – every pair of Velvet Eyewear sunglasses is made to be comfortable, stylish and high quality. Get your pair of  ‘Janis’ sunglasses today!


Product Rave: Kevyn Aucoin’s “The Volume Mascara”

Velvet made a list of products that we discovered while spending a week at our pop-up shop at Henri Bendel in New York City earlier this month. Among those things that we discovered was an amazing mascara made by Kevyn Aucoin – called The Volume Mascara. We love this mascara because it has the ability to wrap your lashes individually with a mascara formula that packs in the volume without creating those annoying clumps. This mascara builds gorgeous, long and thick lashes! And what woman doesn’t want that? This formula, combined with a tube applicator, actually separates each lash hair individually and then wraps each lash hair evenly with the thickening mascara. No flakes! No Clumps! No hassle! That’s why we’re in love with it!
Kevyn Aucoin’s The Volume Mascara is available at Henri Bendel in New York City, Barneys New York, and for those of you who are out of state and want to order online, the mascara is available at Happy shopping!

Product Rave: Body Perfection Gel by Per-fekt Beauty

We love to take time out to rave about products that we think work well and will enhance the beauty of our readers. Last week, when we were at our pop-up shop at Henri Bendel in New York City, we discovered an amazing, new product that we wanted to share with our equally as amazing readers.
Per-fekt Beauty has managed to create a fabulous alternative to a traditional bronzer or self tanner – it’s called Body Perfection Gel. This gel is designed to give your skin the hydration and glow that it needs while leaving it toned and firm to improve your skin’s elasticity. Here are a few things that we love about this product:
Provides a Healthy Glow & Covers Blemishes
Body Perfection Gel, by Per-fekt Beauty, is a great way to cover blemishes, bruises or uneven patches of skin anywhere on your body. You can apply this gel to your face, your legs, your arms and virtually anywhere where you are looking to even our your skin tone. After applying this product, you’ll notice that your skin is left with a wonderful, healthy glow.
An Alternative to Bronzer
Many fans of this gel are using it as an alternative option to using traditional bronzer on their faces. The gel miraculously smoothes out skin tone and leaves you with a great, flawless look. Better yet; it won’t rub off on your clothes as you go about your day. This gel acts as a bronzer, but without threatening to rub off on  your beautiful clothes!
Applies Smoothly & Dries Quickly
Fans also rave that this product goes on smoothly, leaving no spots or streaks. What a difference in comparison to using other self tanning products! The gel blends in with your natural skin tone and doesn’t cake to your face like a lot of other bronzers do. Another plus? It dries quickly, too, so you can apply it shortly before you apply your make up.
A Little Goes A Long Way
Although this product retails just shy of $50, you are sure to get your money’s worth here. For starters, you’ll love the results and the way this gel makes your skin feel. But you’ll also find that the product lasts for a long time. Just a little dab of perfection gel on your finger can cover your entire face smoothly and evenly!
Visit for more information about Body Perfection Gel or to learn about other Per-fekt Beauty products. You can also buy Per-fekt Beauty products at Henri Bendel!