Blink Bar Follow-Up

After an afternoon of getting your brows and lashes done at the Blink Brow Bar at Henri Bendel, you’ll definitely want to leave with a few products that will help you to maintain the beautiful work done by the experts. In a follow-up to our post about the fabulous Blink Brow Bar, we thought we’d post a few amazing products offered by Blink that will help you to maintain and grow those beautiful brows and lashes you’ve worked so hard to get!
Blink’s Luscious Lash Oil
This product is designed with natural ingredients to leave your lashes with a full, glossy look. The castor oil and jojoba oil help to nourish, moisturize and strengthen your lovely lashes, while extracts of bamboo and rosemary are infused to promote shine and stimulate growth. Blink’s Luscious Lash Oil is a great way to maintain the lashes you love.
Blink’s Nourishing Brow Oil
This revolutionary brow oil is designed to nourish and stimulate the growth of your brows. It is best applied at night so the oil can do its work for hours without being disrupted. You’ll fall in love with the lavender and sandalwood smell that will help you to calm and relax for a good night’s sleep.
Blink’s Eyebrow Grooming Gel
This product is a must-have if you just got your brows threaded at one of Blink’s Brow Bars. You’ll notice that they use it after every treatment. It is used as a grooming tool because it allows the hair to be kept in place, while also nourishing the brows for long-lasting growth. This product is available as a clear gel, or in two different shades of brown gel to match your very own brows.




Blink Brow Bar Now at Henri Bendel in NYC

Looking for a way to manage those unruly eyebrows? Hoping to create the perfect brow arch? Or maybe you’re hoping for a bit of magic to make your eyelashes grow. We love the look of a clean brow arch and long beautiful lashes behind a pair of chic glasses. And that’s why we’re excited to share some great news with our readers! Now you can get the threading fix you need right here in New York City! Blink London opened one of their famous Blink Brow Bars over the summer at Henri Bendel on Fifth Avenue, which means New Yorkers now have the world’s best brow and lash experts right at their finger tips.
Blink London’s Blink Brow Bar is literally the one-stop shop for everything brow and lash-related. One visit to the Blink Brow Bar and you can get everything from perfectly groomed brows to lusciously long lashes. The threading services are quick, clean and long-lasting. This one-of-a-kind bar offers expert eyebrow threading, as well as sound eyelash and eyebrow care advice, that will leave you looking fresh and fabulous.
Call 212-904-7979 to book an appointment or learn more. Walk-ins are also welcome.