Two Products That Will Cure Your Tired Feet

Let’s face it. Summer is the time to show off your feet. It’s when you can dig your toes into freshly warm sand; go barefoot inside the house; and when you can wear strappy sandals and sexy heels from day to night. With all of the hiking, climbing, beaching and summer barbeques, it’s no wonder that your feet can feel dry and unprotected. Here are two products on the market that we think will do wonders to your tired feet.

Excellent Scrub

For an excellent scrub that will exfoliate your summer skin, we recommend H2O + Spa Sea Salt Skin Smoother to do the tough job of exfoliating the dry and rough skin on the bottom of your feet. This carefully-crafted scrub uses almond oil, to soothe and soften your skin, and sea salt to exfoliate dry areas of your skin.
After scrubbing and exfoliating your feet, follow up with a good crème that will provide the moisture you need to keep dryness and calluses away from your feet. Cake Walk Triplemint Foot Crème, made by Cake, is a highly recommended foot crème that comes packed with nourishing butters and oils. The formula is created to instantly give your overly-worked feet a cool and relaxing sensation. And it smells good!

The Velvet List: 10 Things to Have in Your Summer Purse

*Cozumel Tote is from J.Crew
Since summer can be completely spontaneous and full of surprising adventures, here is a list of 10 things that we think you ought to have in your purse at all times.
  1. Camera
  2. Bottled Water or a Reusable Water Bottle (stay hydrated!)
  3. Nail Polish (for touch ups on the go!)
  4. Hand Sanitizer
  5. Sunscreen
  6. Lightweight Scarf (for when it gets cooler in the evenings!)
  7. Flip Video Camera or Kodak Zi8 (record your most exciting adventures!)
  8. Your Favorite Bronzer
  9. Chapstick or Lip Moisturizer
  10. Hair Ties (for that spontaneous game of volleyball on the beach!)