Copy Dianna Agron’s Ombre Sunglasses This Summer

1. Express’s Wayfarer Style shades for just $14 pick up on Dianna’s classic sunglass shade with similar bright blue hue to get that same look we love for less.
2. Go brightly two-toned with these sweet Charlotte Russe shades, a steal for only $5 on sale! These glasses are sure to brighten any drab outfit.
3. If a classic cat’s eye is more your style, these pink Velvet Eyewear sunglasses are perfect to suit your mood with pink and white tones.
4. For true luxury in eyewear, get these Matthew Williamson Retro shaped shades in bold aqua tones.

1.) Kate Spade cat-eye sunglasses, 2.) Selima optique sunglasses, 3.) Prada retro sunglasses, 4.) Velvet Eyewear joie sunglasses, 5.) Prism portofino cat-eye sunglasses, 6 & 8.) Jcrew sophia sunglasses, 7.) Kate Spade rounded cat-eye sunglasses.