Seeing is Believing

It’s the most wonderful time of the year  concerts, performances, and events blanket NYC in time for the holidays. One of our favorite places to see holiday concerts is at the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art. Here are a few that may strike your fancy this season!

Hostess Gift Ideas

Thanksgiving is tomorrow, the holidays are right around the corner and New Years Eve is just a hop and a skip away. Chances are that you will be attending a handful of holiday dinners and parties over the next six weeks. Whether attending a traditional Thanksgiving dinner with family, or a holiday party at a co-worker’s house, or even a swanky New Years Eve party with friends, don’t get caught without bringing some kind of gift for your generous hostess. Here are a few ideas for every kind of hostess out there…

Fabulous Thanksgiving Turkeys

Who doesn’t love a tasty turkey decorated beautifully atop a Thanksgiving table? In honor of Turkey Day coming up this Thursday, we have compiled the latest and greatest turkey recipes and photos for you to admire and emulate.
Martha Stewart’s Maple-Syrup-Glazed Roast Turkey with Riesling Gravy

Some say this is the best turkey they have ever made! And it sure looks beautiful when served on a bed of grapes. To try this recipe on your own turkey this year, click here.
Wine-Smoked Turkey
We love the idea of grilling in November! This is both an elegant and very unique turkey to make this holiday season. Get the recipe here!
Turkey Breast Stuffed With Matzo and Fennel
Not only is this a gorgeous way to serve turkey, but it also tastes delicious! This turkey is known for being moist and flavorful throughout! Click here to get this tasty recipe!
Martha Stewart’s Spice-Rubbed Roast Turkey
Add a little spice to your turkey this year! To try Martha Stewart’s spice-rubbed turkey, click here.
Herb-Butter Roasted Turkey
The herb-flavored butter from this fabulous recipe is tucked under the skin of the turkey before roasting it. The butter helps provide flavor to the turkey and helps keep its meat moist. Click here to try this turkey!
The Classic Roasted Turkey
Who doesn’t love a classically roasted turkey? This is your recipe if you’re looking for an excellent recipe for a traditional Thanksgiving turkey. Click here for the fabulous recipe!

The Season of Giving

Donate Money  A little can change a lot, and all of your donations matter. Donate.

Volunteer Volunteers make the difference by cooking, by hosting, by listening,
by nurturing, by simply being there and helping. Find a Volunteer Opportunity.


Support Around the Web  Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Flickr, YouTube. Spread the word about what can be done to change children’s lives.


RMHC Club Kits By starting an RMHC Club in your school or classroom, you’ll be helping students understand the importance of reaching out to others in need.
Download the Club Kit for tips on running your club, fundraising ideas and project ideas including a new Build Your Own Donation Box activity for kids.


The RMHC Donation Box at McDonald Many McDonald’s restaurants have RMHC Donation Boxes displayed by cash registers and drive-thru windows. Your spare change quickly adds up.


Toy and Food Donation Program Toys Food Shopping List


Play for RMHC Each time you play your favorite games online, RMHC will get a donation thanks to Games that Give.


Help Strengthen Families with Every Purchase Every time you open a new, qualifying RMHC Bank of America® Visa® credit or optional debit card you will help provide stability and resources to families at no additional cost to you. Get started.


Coporate Donors Whether it’s through monetary gifts, in-kind donations or volunteering, corporate sponsors have been a vital part of helping to deliver comfort and care to children and their families. Become a Corporate Donor.


Legacy PlanningWith just a little planning and a big heart, you can arrange a charitable plan that brings hope and help to sick children and their families. Explore your options.


Pop Tab Collections Ronald McDonald Houses collect pop tabs instead of entire aluminum cans because it’s more hygienic to store tabs than cans, and collection and storage is easier.
Cardboard collection containers in the shape of a house have been distributed to schools,
community and civic groups and other organizations in your area. Collect pop tabs to drop
off at one of these areas, or contact your local House about getting a collection container
that you can be responsible for filling through one of your own groups.


Spring Forward

We thought we left chokers behind along with the 1990s, but it appears they are making a comeback in the upcoming spring season! Will you don a choker necklace sometime in the near future?

This in for spring — tiny bags that are just big enough to carry your phone, cards and keys. Strap on one of these little wonders for a dainty look during girls’ night out. Mini bags are a great way to keep your purse on you all night without it being cumbersome. Plus, aren’t they cute?
These belts are purely for aesthetics. They are the perfect addition to cinch around any dress, jacket or shirt this spring. Look for chunky belts with a powerful stage presence – with big buckles, soft leather or positively medieval metals.