Couture Hats by Satya Twena

Satya Twena says that almost anyone can pull off wearing one of her hats. But the trick is making sure that you wear the hat with a simple, clean look. She says that you should avoid wearing such a powerful headpiece with a loud dress, crazy handbag or eye-popping shoes. Let the hat be the statement piece and the rest will come together quite beautifully.                                              When looking at Satya Twena hats, it’s no wonder that architecture, art and vintage have inspired these hats to become the works of art that they are. These bold hats are designed specifically for confident and smart women (like you!).

Each hat is made by hand right in New York City. The designer creates one-of-a-kind pieces and she says that the minute they hit the shelves, they sell like hot cakes. If you’re interested in purchasing a fabulous, one-of-a-kind hat from Satya Twena you can find her pieces at Henri Bendel or on the designer’s website,

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