The Velvet List: Our 5 Favorite Swimsuit Sites

Velvet List: Our 5 Favorite Swimsuit Sites

If you’ve got a cruise or summer vacation coming up, you’ll definitely want to go shopping for a fabulous new swimsuit! This season, we recommend you ditch the classic, black suit and go for something in bright colors and bold patterns. To help you on your way, we have listed our top 5 favorite swimsuit websites. Happy shopping!

1. Net-a-Porter (

2. Shopbop (

3. Canyon Beachwear (

4. Everything But Water (

5. (


Ask Velvet: Perfect Cruise Attire

Q: I’m going on a cruise in a couple of weeks with some good friends of mine and I have no idea what to pack. What are some must-have pieces to take on a summer cruise?            Jenny from Portland, Oregon


A: During this season we recommend packing a wardrobe full of bright colors to take with you on your latest summer cruise. Most people practically live in their bathing suits while on a summer cruise, so your outfits by the pool are easily the most crucial ones you’ll pack. With that said, be sure to bring two to three of your favorite bathing suits, a bottle of sunscreen and your favorite pair of sunglasses to sport by the pool. Opt out of a traditional, black bathing suit and don’t be afraid to sport neon colors and bold patterns. Go shopping beforehand for the perfect sarong or swim suit cover-up to wear to and from the pool and for when you want to grab a quick bite to eat somewhere on the cruise ship. As for regular clothing, pack yourself a handful of light, summer dresses and a few comfortable tank top/shorts combination for day activities and don’t forget to pack a cocktail dress for nicer dinners and events during the evening!