Access Your Inner John Lennon

Everyone knows that rock-legend John Lennon’s glasses are easily one of the most popular pair of glasses in the history of the world. Pairs of Lennon’s round-framed glasses and sunglasses are even sold in auctions for thousands and thousands of dollars. Rock enthusiasts and lovers of The Beatles are more than willing to fork out hard cash to take home a pair of spectacles that symbolize an entire era of music.

It’s pretty fair to say that if you ask someone to name an iconic pair of glasses; they’ll probably mention John Lennon and his world-famous “granny” glasses. To this day, eyewear with similar round frames is still worn by hipsters and fashion icons– namely Lady Gaga, Ozzy Osbourne and Johnny Depp. It’s safe to say that this style of frame is easily one of the most popular and iconic looks in the world.

The good news? Now you can own your own pair of sunglasses that channel your inner John Lennon!


Velvet Eyewear’s ROSE sunglasses are the perfect round-framed sunglasses to help you access your inner 1960s flower-child. These slightly oversized round frames are calm, cool and collected. And they are the modern-day, feminine version of Lennon’s iconic frames.

The ROSE sunglasses come in two colors; one with a silver frame and grey-blue lenses and the other with a gold frame and brown-rose lenses. Each pair is carefully created and hand-finished in Italy

Lennon is definitely known for popularizing this iconic style of round-framed glasses. Incorporate a pair into your summer wardrobe today!

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